20 Mar

Why is Drop Shipping Business Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

Why is drop shipping businessThere are currently two popular ways one can start making money online- there’s affiliate marketing, and there’s the dropshipping business. Entrepreneurs can choose if they want to have complete control over the product they’re selling, or if they want some kind of control and focus on the ways they market the product to their audiences.

Let’s take a look at what affiliate marketing and online store dropshipping is all about, and see why the dropshipping business is better than affiliate marketing.



The Basics of Dropshipping

In simple terms, dropshipping is when you run an online e-commerce shop without having the actual goods with you. Entrepreneurs set up online shops, or a virtual storefront and open it up to interested buyers.

You won’t have to do the work of packing the product and having it shipped off when a customer buys; instead, all you need to do is to place a similar wholesale order with the involved distributor and have the goods shipped directly to the customer.

In terms of profit, what you gain is the amount minus the overall price of the goods obtained with the manufacturer. Dropshipping is like running an e-shop without the hassles of managing inventory or following up with the merchandise fulfillment. The only thing you have to do is to market the product and take care of aftersales support, if any.

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