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Turnkey drop shipping business is an excellent option to start an online retail store with little investment. We are a team of professionals and thanks to many years of research and experience in online retail, we have come to possess a deep level of understanding about everything it takes to be successful in this digital world. We frequently use some of the most powerful digital marketing tools, to identify the most promising areas, and then develop viable business strategies and tools within these areas.

From our latest research, we have identified that Aliexpress wholesalers are set to be the next big thing in drop shipping business, but there is currently a big gap in the market waiting to be filled by savvy sellers like you. We’ve already created a whole host of different templates and plugins to make things easy when creating turnkey dropshipping websites, and we are delighted to offer them to you at incredibly affordable prices.
The wholesaler that we work with is Aliexpress. They were recently listed on the U.S. stock exchange with a value of $20billion, and they have proven that they are more than capable of handling your orders. Your customers will receive their orders within 3 to 10 days, and each product comes with Free Worldwide Permanently Shipment and tracking which you can offer as an incentive to your customers for extra peace of mind.

Don’t delay- start your turnkey drop shipping business today!

Website Building

A website is no use if your customers find it difficult or unpleasant to navigate. It’s essential that you incorporate the very best elements of clean, effective and intuitive web design to give your shoppers a pleasurable browsing experience.
We have extensive experience in developing professional quality websites that are both elegant and highly functional. We are also proud to offer extensive SEO optimisation as a part of our service to make sure that your website reaps the rewards of large levels of driven traffic, all of which means sales!


Working with The Best Suppliers

The wholesaler that we work with is Aliexpress. They were recently listed on the US stock exchange with a value of $20billion, and have proved that they are more than capable of handling your orders for you.As the owner of a dropshipping site, all dropshipping links are provided to you for each product with the biggest dropshipping wholesaler worldwide, so you are directed to the purchase page for each product you sell any product on your new site.Essentially, you own a site that features fantastic products at amazing prices. However, you don’t actually handle the shipping of these products. Instead, you work with suppliers, selling products at premium prices to customers, while paying the supplier the wholesale cost. This works out at making you a healthy profit without having to do anything!

For example, if you were to list a product on your site for $20, then you would only have to pay the supplier around $5 to cover the wholesale fee, since you have a wholesale account with them. The supplier then sends the product directly to your customer, without any additional fees to pay for shipping and handling. You’ve then made a healthy profit of $15, and your customers are none the wiser, since the product is not sent with an invoice or pricing information.All you have to do is place each order, and offer tracking information if you want to. This takes less than a minute per order.

With massive sales potential, and each sale taking less than a minute to process, you’re in the money!


We will then provide a social media marketing strategy that is being used by top marketers who are now avoiding SEO. Google’s new update system penalises sites which increase in rank too quickly making SEO costly, time consuming and frustrating. Social Media groups are now driving traffic in areas such as e-commerce and we have embraced this shift using it to convert interest groups to customers.The Social Media focused Marketing Plan which will generate traffic and sales to your site. Includes the use of Pinterest, YouTube,Facebook, Publishing, Instagram and other strategies to keep your Dropshipping business dominating.

Creative Turnkey Drop Shipping Business Solutions Tailored to Your Web Needs

Is Easy

If you’re going to start the dropshipping business on your own, you will quickly discover that it’s not as easy as some would like to claim. With such a vast variety of web designs, plugins, widgets, apps, ways of hosting; organizing shipping, dealing with payments and so on, you could quickly find yourself tremendously overwhelmed. Fortunately for you, we take all that stress away! With us, all of these aspects of your turnkey dropshipping websites are already in place. All you need do is sell and make profit!

Is Cost Effective

If you truly understand everything you need for your dropshipping website and where you need to find it, chances are you could set it up for a reasonably cheap price. The trouble is that hiring people who understand turnkey drop shipping business is not easy; once people understand it, they will want to make all that profit for themselves! That’s why we take all this hassle out of the equation for you. We make the whole process simple and extremely cost effective, allowing you to start making some serious profit with minimal investment.

Is Profitable

In dropshipping, your profit is not guaranteed if you do not establish the correct niches and products from the get-go. If you do not get a head start, your growth will not proceed as expected and you may find yourself disappointed with the returns. This, however, is absolutely not an issue thanks to our expertise – we understand and have identified the key niche areas that are primed for profit. This takes guesswork out of the equation and allows you to solely focus on building your dropshipping business while watching the money roll in!

Is Growing

Having just one turnkey dropshipping store is fine if you’re looking to just make a few bucks extra profit per day. However, this will not suffice to turn your business into a consistent money maker, for that you are going to need to expand into a wider variety of niches and cater to a wider variety of customer demands. We have everything in place to facilitate your growth and your expansion into a wide variety of avenues before you know it, our system would see you making serious money on a daily basis!


Start Making Money with our Turnkey Drop Shipping Websites Today!

``Discover The Full Potential of Your Turnkey Drop Shipping Business.

Drop Shipping BusinessThanks to our comprehensive dropshipping offer you will be able to set yourself up before you know it and start making profit every single day!


No warehouse needed! No stock to worry about! All dropshipping links are provided for each product with the biggest dropshipping wholesaler worldwide. No fees, no complications.

No need to fret over shipping! The supplier ships the product directly to your customer, without any additional fees to pay for shipping and handling. As a matter of fact, all our products are stocked with Free Shipping Worldwide.

No customer complaints to handle! If there are any issues, you will get refunded by the supplier quickly; you don’t have to worry about returns. However, incidents such as these are rare. Transactions are all carried out via PayPal, to ensure they are safe and secure.

In order to start your turnkey drop shipping business, you need next to no capital! You simply need to buy products from the supplier with wholesale price and sell it to your client with a retail price.

No headaches, all items are dropshipped directly from the supplier. Ordering and having items sent directly to your customers takes around 30 seconds per order.

Very simple, highly profitable, high volume format.


“Get your comprehensive turnkey dropshipping website up and running in no time at all!”


Once you’ve been set up, all you need to do is make a few clicks every day and you’ll be clear for profit! All you need to do is place an order, choose a niche, pick your domain at Leandomainsearch.com and after that, just let us know your choice and we’ll do the rest! You will get the order ready in no time, usually within 2 to 3 days.


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drop shipping aliepxress I purchased 2 Dropshipping Sites and the dropshipping sites are very profitible. I am looking at purchasing more Dropship sites soon. I should have a full time income by then (hopefully).  The service provided by these guys is very good, especially Ryan he never got tired answering all my inquiries and concerns before i purchase.
Calep . San Francisco . California
dropshipping business   My site is slick and the sliders look so good. The payment gateway works well and the marketing plan focusing on Social Media is spot on. I am looking at purchasing multiple sites and promoting them in the one network. By the way Ryan it’s one of the greatest guy ever, he helped me a lot to get my site going.
James Dunn . London . UK
aliexpress drop shipping I didn’t really understand how Dropshipping could be so profitable and the site provided looks amazing, this is important with impulse buying stimulated through social media marketing. The marketing plan provided is really effective and I don’t have to stress about SEO.
Jason Pratt . Boston . Massachusetts
drop shipping businessThis is such a simple format. I have used the Marketing Plan provided with the Dropshipping sites and it works very well on Social Media. The delivery was fast, i receive my store in 24 hours and the advise and after sales service has been excellent. Highly recommended.
Magdalene . Wellington . New Zealand

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