The 10 Best Dropshipping Products In 2018

The 10 Best Dropshipping Products In 2018


In 2018, niche products are selling better than ever especially dropshipping makes it all possible. With many hip products in the market today, one can unknowingly choose the wrong products to drop ship, incurring significant losses. This year, the best dropshipping products are related to the expanding technological space.  If you want to make it big this year, here are the 10 best products to drop ship;




1) Liquid and Waterproof Phone Cases


Liquid Cases

It’s not surprising that phones are at the center of our lives. Liquid phone cases are quickly becoming the best dropshipping products owing to their ingenious designs. The phone cases’ backs have a gel-like fluid which mimics the phone’s movement. The competition to come up with the newest, most exciting designs is heating up. Popular designs range from aquariums to beer mugs.




Waterproof Cases


As we go into summer in a few months, poolside activities will see a surge in the sale of waterproof cases. Water damage remains a leading cause of smartphone damages, making the cases useful throughout. While their popularity has been on a steady rise, Black Friday saw a particularly sharp increase in demand.




2) Bluetooth Speakers



The past couple of years has seen major players in this industry successfully market Bluetooth speakers as a holiday favorite. This has further been aided by the exponential growth of music streaming services. They’re conveniently portable and available in a wide range of design. Though the growth in interest in these speakers continues to grow steadily, the highest spike in sales is around the holiday. Their interest over time has grown from 7 to 45 percent in the last five years, with holiday seasons seeing interests of up to 91%.




3) Power Banks



Phone power banks easily outrank other items as among the most profitable products to drop ship. Smartphones have become part of our lives and most people dread running out of power. To be constantly in contact with the world, one has to have extra charge while on the go. Portable power banks offer the best solution to happy customers, keeping their phones charged all day. With so many designs and models to choose from, customers can afford to be picky in terms of the weight, capacity, color and style preferable to them.



4) Smart Fitness Watches



Even as wearable technology continues to gain momentum in growth, smart fitness watches are comfortably leading the pack. People have become more conscious of their health and performance; fitness watches measure all related metrics with incredible accuracy. In the U.S, 40% of customers are after buying smart watches; of this, 40% are only interested in watches that track fitness and health. Opportunities to dropshipping products have not been limited to well-established players; smaller businesses have an equal chance, driving down purchase prices.



5) Virtual Reality Products




Virtual reality is quickly being embraced by and integrated into our everyday life. The VR headsets are not only superior entertainment devices but are also being used in the medical profession as learning and treatment tools. Businesses can also use them to streamline services and increase profit margins. This new and exciting trend is has been diversified into goggles and headsets, depending on the user’s preference. The pricier VR products also tend to offer the best experiences through their superior features. Interest in these devices peaked in 2015 and has been on a steady rise since.



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6) Rechargeable Lighters and Vapors (e-cigarettes) and their Accessories


Rechargeable lighters

As the latest entry into an expansive vapes and e-cigarettes space, these lighters are flameless and fuelless, ideally replacing traditional lighters. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries and can be recharged through standalone charging docks or USB cords. Essentially, they’re portable versions of the car’s lighter.




Vapors and their accessories



The ban on public smoking the world over has seen people turn to legal alternatives. E-cigarettes have since become a thriving alternative for budding entrepreneurs. The wide variety of flavors appeal to every taste. Vapors drastically reduce the toxic intake by heavy smokers, making them a perfect choice for consumers looking to reduce health risks. Users also don’t have to go out each time they need a smoke.




7) Charcoal Face Masks


Activated Charcoal is quickly becoming a popular ingredient in many skincare products. Recently, however, face masks are becoming the ingredient’s most popular application. The unique pitch-black appearance makes the product particularly Instagram-friendly. As one of the best fitness products to drop ship, charcoal face masks have attracted huge interest since February 2016.




8) Wood Glasses



They may sound rough and bulky but wood glasses are quickly becoming a favorite among glass wearers. Technological advancements have made it possible to curve-out beautiful glasses out of wood; they are fitted with all kinds of lenses. The trend started by the pioneers crafting the glasses by themselves. One can now dropship customized glasses globally. The modern youth is increasingly ditching their plastic and metal-framed glasses for wooden glasses. Their crafty, whimsical touch and affordability make them a popular alternative.




9) CBD  Oil Business



While total legality remains to be seen in many countries, it is almost certain that CBD oil is going to see substantial increase in demand over the next decade. Current information and statistics regarding sales number and overall market projections of CBD come from the United States where there is probably the biggest market for the product. While legal stance is a constant barrier in other regions, productions keep on increasing in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

According to Statista, consumer sales number is estimated to reach $1.15 billion in 2020 in U.S. alone. Hemp Business Journal projected that it would increase to $2.1 billion in global market. In case you have considered starting a CBD business of your own, CTFO is most likely the biggest chance you have available. It allows you to earn steady stream of cash from either of the direct sales and referral Program with CTFO. SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE 




10) Healthy Drinks and Food on the go



People love paying for convenience. A growing number of the population would rather order their selection of food and drinks rather than get the ingredients and make them by themselves. With healthy living becoming the new trend, as is should be, any set of products which offer healthy nutrition will sell big in 2017. Quality and freshness of these products should be high to fit into the consumer’s busy schedule.



There has never been a better time to start dropshipping products. With the right selection of products to drop ship, your sales can only go up. Revolutionize your dropshipping business today by purchasing the right inventory as per the current trend. For more of these solutions, don’t hesitate to check our Sample Sites . and How It Works Page .