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When it comes to generating a passive income, people usually don’t have a lot of options if they want to generate it through the internet. But with this guide to passive income ideas, I promise you that you will have a clear idea of what you want to do to generate a decent passive income of $3k per month. So without further ado, let’s dive right in:


Passive Income Ideas



1) Through Informational Evergreen Youtube Videos:



If you have deep knowledge about something or if you are good at talking and entertaining people, you can generate more than $3,000 of passive income by becoming a YouTuber. You can create several different tutorials on subjects that provide information or guide to people looking for a solution to a common problem. For instance, if you are a gamer, you can create gaming guides and how-to videos telling people how to complete a certain level or finding different easter eggs in the games.

Or if you are good at talking and entertaining people, you can create Vlogs, roasting videos, and reaction videos, etc. that will entertain people. The gist of the matter is that you can start putting some evergreen content on your YouTube channel and put Adsense on your channel which is an ad displaying program that will display ads on your videos and pay you for each ad viewed/clicked. So the more your videos are watched, the more you will earn. For More “Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!”



2) Sign up for Airbnb:


Do you have an extra room in your home that you rarely use? Well lucky you because you can put that room on rent through Airbnb and start generating some income on a daily basis which can go even over $3,000. Airbnb is a temporary rental service provider that does not own any property; they allow people like you who have extra room to rent to connect with people who need that room on a temporary basis. The best part is that people are now using Airbnb more than hotels because hotels can be expensive and less expensive hotels don’t have good quality service. Whereas in homes, people can get good experience if the homeowner provides them with quality service. This is another one of the passive income ideas that people are working on and generating thousands of dollars per month.



3) Create Content For Big Instagram Pages:


If you have been using Instagram for some time, you would have noticed that there are several Instagram pages that post photos with quotes in them. As you already know, Instagram is the website that allows you to only post photos. Well, most of the Instagram pages are leveraging that policy and are posting attractive photos with quotes or other informational content in them. Here’s where you come in. You can contact several pages of Instagram that are related to the niches you are interested in and ask them to provide you with work for creating photos for their pages.


You can write motivational quotes for them, edit their photos or create other types of photos for them in exchange for handsome money. You can create these photos through free websites like Canva that will give a unique and professional look to the photos you create. This is one of the passive income ideas that many people don’t even know about. You can charge hundreds of dollars for photos, and that can take you from 0 to $3k per month as those Instagram pages will need photos on a daily basis.




4) Make content/informational Apps without Coding:


There is a massive demand for informational content on the internet. Google.com alone gets billions of searches on a monthly basis, and most of those searches are related to finding information about something. You can solve the problems of people by providing answers to their queries or by providing them with general information on various topics. This is just like starting a YouTube channel, but here you will create a mobile app and put written content on it instead of videos on your YouTube channel. You can even put videos on the app that would be even better. But written content will work as well.

You can take a niche, search for the popular topics related to that niche on Google and start writing on those topics. For instance, let’s say you select Health as your niche. You go on Google and search for health-related buy diazepam and pick the website that is most popular (appearing at the top results on Google). Now you can get the idea of topics to work on from that website and start writing your own original and unique content to put in your app. Once you have the content ready, you can create the app even if you don’t know anything about coding.


By leveraging websites like Goodbarber.com or Appszero.com, you can create apps on your own. Once the app is ready, submit it to AdMob for getting advertisements to display and then you can earn when people use your app as they will be shown the advertisements. Put your app on Google play and apple store, market it on Facebook and Instagram if you want huge traffic from the start and you will soon start to earn more than $3,000.



5) Buy Profitable Apps from Flippa.com


If you don’t know, Flippa.com is an online marketplace for the buying and selling of online businesses. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of creating an app, you can just go to Flippa and get readymade apps from there. Just make sure that you have the prior knowledge of how apps work so you can manage it. Make sure to search apps with evergreen content that also has a high demand like the health niche. You will be shown the monthly earning of the app on the website, and if you think you can make the app better and increase its potential to generate money, you can purchase it and start working on it. There are many passive income ideas out there, but this idea is among the hassle-free ones.



6) Start a Blog:


You can start a blog as well. Just like searching for the niche and content when creating an app, you will need to find the niche for the blog as well. It can be a niche you are passionate about, or it can be a niche that is popular on the internet. Once you have the niche ready, start creating articles that you can write on your own if you know how to write engagingly and meticulously put SEO keywords in it.


SEO keywords are basically the words that people search on the internet like “tips to treat constipation.” So if you have an article about this and you have put this keyword in your article, your chances of getting the customer to see your website on Google when they put this keyword in a search will increase than from the articles that don’t have this keyword. You can find the keywords through Google Keywords Finder and include them in your blog.


But this is just the on-page SEO. You need to do off-page SEO as well and you can either learn to do that on your own or hire someone to do that for you. The gist of the matter is that building a niche based blog is a good idea to generate a stable income that can even go above $3k, but it will surely take some time. Or, you can buy a blog from Flippa which is already established and is getting a handsome income and start working on making it better.



7) Dropshipping:


One of the best passive income ideas is unequivocally Dropshipping. If you don’t know what this is, then just know this, it is a simple business model that involves ordering the supplier of a product to deliver the product to the customer, charging from the customer and then paying the supplier while taking your ‘cut’ as well. This means that you will find a product that is trending in the market like the fidget spinner used to be, listing that product on your website that you usually create on Shopify.com as it allows you to create the website based on e-commerce store layout. Then you need to market your product using Facebook ads and Instagram ads, and when the orders start to come in, you forward those orders to the supplier of the product and he ships the product to your customer. You can find the supplier of a particular product at Aliexpess.com. List the product of $2 at Aliexpress.com for $10 on your website, and you take the $8 profit. If you are serious about dropshipping business check out our Preloaded Dropshipping Sites ready to go on day one, which comes with Free Domain Name and Free Lifetime Hosting 



8) Reselling Digital Services:


Another one of the passive income ideas with the potential to earn $3k per month is to resell digital services. This is also like Dropshipping, but instead of physical goods, you sell digital services like SEO, Logo designing, content writing, Website creation, digital marketing and so on. The only website that is enabling people to resell digital services is Reseller Hub. They provide websites that are specially made for reselling digital services. You need to list the digital services that you want to provide or have the suppliers for and start marketing your website. When the order comes, forward it to your supplier, and you get your cut. Just go to Resellersitehub.com, get one of their packages and start making some passive income.



9) Starting Hemp Oil Business:


One of the most popular businesses that are becoming a megatrend nowadays is the Hemp Oil or CBD oil business. Since the legalization of CBD, this business model has grown massively. But the problem is that you need a huge investment to stock up the product, create a website, and go through the legal process and so on. This can demotivate an individual to pursue this business. But, with CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome) you can start your own Hemp Oil business with literally zero investment. Just go to THIS LINK, follow the instructions, get your account and website for FREE, share it and when the sales come in, you will get commissions. This is as simple as that.


Over to You: 

I have now told you some of the best passive income ideas that you can pursue to build $3k per month passive income. Now it is up to you to select the idea(s) you want to work on and change your future. Just make sure to conduct your research before pursuing an idea so you can make a well-informed decision.



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