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How We Got 65,000 Visitors & 236K Pageviews Through Pinterest With Less Than 1000 Followers

How We Got 65,000 Visitors & 236K Pageviews Through Pinterest With Less Than 1000 Followers


So you have a blog with amazing content. You regularly share blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. However, are you properly utilizing Pinterest as part of your social media strategy? If you aren’t, you could be missing out on website visitors by the thousands.


How do we know? We got over 65,000 visitors and 236,000 page views in one month through Pinterest…and we had less than 1,000 Pinterest followers.


Before we discuss the Pinterest secrets that you can use to send a surge of traffic to your blog, let’s do a quick review of how Pinterest works.





How Pinterest Drives Traffic


When you see things on Pinterest that interest you, you happily repin them to your own board, right? Where do you get 99% of the things you repin? From your home feed, correct? You’ll typically find great pins there before wandering off to search for new content to pin.

Continuing down this line of questioning… How does Pinterest determine what appears on people’s home feeds? The answer is their very own computer algorithm. Breaking into that algorithm is how you ensure that your content shows up in other people’s home feeds.



Hacking the Pinterest Algorithm


Ok, so we don’t mean “hacking” in the “Wearing dark sunglasses while entering complex codes and breaking into computer systems” sense. Rather, we mean that by understanding how the Pinterest algorithm works, you can make sure your pins show up in thousands of feeds to be repinned and shared throughout the Pinter-verse.



Because Pinterest works on a computer algorithm, it cares nothing about whether your profile makes you look cool or interesting. Instead, it’s strictly looking at data: specifically, it analyzes your content engagement to decide whether or not you’re an influential person on Pinterest. How does it decide if you’re influential? Through the number of people who repin your content.

This can be a bit of a crazy cycle, as you need your content to appear in people’s home feeds in order for them to repin it and make you influential, and yet you need to be influential in order for your content to appear in their home feeds. So where do you start? Here are our 10 commandments for boosting your content, getting repinned, and driving traffic to your blog.


How do we know? We got over 65,000 visitors and 236,000 page views in one month through Pinterest…and we had less than 1,000 Pinterest followers.









1. Thou Shalt Not Pin Junk


If you know anything about SEO (search engine optimization) for websites, the same rules apply for Pinterest. Just like posting useless junk on your website will drive it down in search engine rankings, pinning content just for the sake of pinning content is a major sin in the eyes of Pinterest’s computerized gatekeepers.

The goal of using Pinterest to boost your blog (and your business) is not to simply put as many pins out there as possible. If your pins link to sites that are full of useless information, are spammy, or are crammed full of ads, it will drive down your ranking on Pinterest and all throughout the internet world. Create content that’s interesting, valuable, and/or fun for your visitors to send your level of influence sky high!



2. Thou Shall Utilize Keywords




Do your homework and learn what keywords rank well for each of your Pinterest pins. Certain generic keywords will lead to your pin getting buried under an avalanche of pins with the same keyword. Pinterest will give you suggestions as you type keywords into the search bar.

Use this to find very specific phrases that pertain to each pin. “Kid’s Clothes” is probably too general. ”Kid’s Clothes For 10 Year Olds,” meanwhile, is more specific.





3. Thou Shall Test Different Photos (and Optimize Them)


Finding a winning formula on Pinterest sometimes involves a bit of experimentation, especially when it comes to pairing photos and posts. Test out a few different photos (and descriptions) on each post to see which ones click with your Pinterest audience. In addition to this, curate and optimize your images to get the best response. According to Curalate, images with reddish-orange hues get twice as many repins as those that are blue. Pictures with multiple dominant colors fare better than those with a single color. Images with medium lightness are more attractive to users than those that are very dark. Keeping their tips in mind, test out different backgrounds, textures, and color schemes to find out which ones work best for your pins!


4. Thou Shall Pin Often


In order to keep your followers interested and engaged, make sure you don’t create a Pinterest account and abandon it for weeks at a time. Pin often and be consistent so that your followers know they can expect a constant flow of high-quality content from you. Over time, looking for and sharing your content will become a part of their daily routine.



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5. Thou Shall Remember Whom Thou Are Pinning For


With every item you pin, keep your target audience in mind. You’re working to reach them, not simply to put out things that you find interesting. If you keep this at the forefront of your mind as you go about choosing keywords, content, and images, you’ll do much better at reaching the visitors you’d like to reach – people who will then turn into customers.


6. Thou Shall Build a Blog-Specific Board


This creates a place where followers can find pins to all of your blog posts in one place. You can even organize different types of blog posts into categories for easier searching. If followers can easily find your pins, they’re more likely to repin them, which will make you look good in the (computerized) eyes of the Pinterest algorithm.




7. Thou Shall Not Make People Jump Through Hoops to Share Thine Posts


Make sharing easy by including a “Pin It” button on each blog post. While people may not take the time to copy the link to your post and head over to Pinterest to share, they’re more likely to pin your posts if you provide a seamless way for them to do so. The button is easy to add, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?





8. Thou Shall Not Use Hashtags


On other social media networks, hashtags help users categorize their posts. Pinterest says that hashtags don’t work on their platform the way they do on others and has discouraged people from using them. For this reason, we say ditch the hashtags and find other ways (like keywords and descriptions ) to make your posts and boards easily searchable.






9. On This Day, Thou Shall Remember the 80/20 Rule


Social media should be all about your brand, right? Wrong. While you want to promote your brand, in order to do so, you need to capture and engage your audience. To do this, you’ve got to pin content that’s interesting to them. While you may have great products, you can only keep people engaged for so long when discussing how you have the lowest prices or highest quality.

For this reason, make 80% of your pins shared content from others, while just 20% should be your own original posts. Choose to share content that will be interesting to your target audience (or in other words, target customers). If you sell Kid’s Clothes , repinned posts on Kid’s Clothes Style, Organizing Ideas, Storage, and  will keep them coming back for more. Keep them engaged and paying attention most of the time…and sell to them a smaller portion of the time.



10. Finally, Thou Shall Create Visible Calls-to-Action


In the end, pins and blog posts are all about what you want people to do. (Visit my website! Try this amazing product! Take advantage of this limited-time coupon code! Sign up for my e-mail newsletter!) Don’t be afraid to use bold CTAs all over Pinterest, from your bio to your board descriptions and each pin. By abiding by these 10 commandments, you’ll see your website visits skyrocket – even if your Pinterest follower count is more modest.


 Thanks for reading.  Have any of these tips worked for you? What’s your Pinterest Strategy ?                                                        

                                                           Pin It Like You Mean It!