Drop Shipping Business – To Niche Or Not To Niche.

Drop Shipping Business - To Niche  Or Not To Niche.

Every business has its own target audience, but within this target audience, there are smaller subgroups of people. These subgroups of people share some certain characteristics, and they have certain wants, preferences, and needs. These smaller subgroups are what are known as niches, and they are a rich source of marketing opportunities.

Having a specific niche in your drop shipping business means creating a form of marketing that is aimed towards a specific population. You can aim your drop shipping business towards a particular service, or a specific demographic within your target audience. Once you are able to form your marketing endeavors around that particular subgroup, your business is already practicing niche marketing.





When you decide to include a niche strategy in your drop shipping business, you leverage your expertise into one specific area. This makes you stand above your competition. You might be offering a wide range of products thereby having a very large audience, but when you specialize in a specific area, your business will be distinguished from others.

The size of a business’ niche can vary, depending on the target audience. If you are offering just a product, your entire target audience can be your niche, but if you are offering more than one, you might have a particular product or service which you are more focused on, or which is selling more than the rest; that is your niche. This means that your niche can either be your entire target audience or a little part of your target audience.

Now, depending on the size of your niche, your niche marketing strategy may include the following;

  • Marketing to both your target audience and your niche but refining your content a little bit more for the niche
  • Marketing to only your niche
  • Marketing to your target audience from your niche’s standpoint.





There are a lot of advantages that can be derived from having a niche in your drop shipping business. Some of these benefits include;


Reduced Competition


When you have a highly specific product, there are going to be less drop shipping companies offering the exact same thing you are offering. Let’s take knives for instance, there are millions of companies that deal with the drop shipping of knives, right? But there are fewer companies that deliver knives that are made with wooden handles.



There are less few companies that deliver customized knives that have your initials on them. This means that the more specific your products are, the less drop shipping companies you’ll have to compete with for customers. And to make it better, it will be hard for them to replicate your strategy.




Increased Visibility


Including niche marketing in your business will increase your chance of being seen online. You’ll have a better and stronger online presence. When you make your drop shipping company serve a niche market, your business will become unique which will lead to you standing out among your competitors. Most business that stand out are usually featured in newspapers, the media, talk shows, radio stations, etc.

Another important form of visibility is getting in front of the right people. Including a niche in your drop shipping business will bring you to the right people that really need what you offer, instead of a lot of people where only few will be interested in what you offer. Therefore, getting visible in media outlets will allow the right audience notice you, and the more “right people” that notice you, the more they tell their friends who also fit into your niche category.



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Less Resources


When you are dealing with a larger target audience, you’ll be investing a lot of time and money. Having a niche provides you with the ability to place your sole focus on a specific set or range of people. This means that it will be easier for you to understand and keep up with whatever it is your niche needs. If you try to run a marketing campaign, there will less trials and error with your methods and you won’t be spending too much.


These are just few of the benefits that can be derived from adding a niche in your drop shipping business.


Now, for your drop shipping business to attract the right type of customers or niche, you need to ensure that your website is rightly designed for the niche you want to target. Design and niche targeting work hand in hand, therefore, you need to ensure that you get the right niche design on your website. This means that you will need the help of a professional niche design company like us.


Start today and move your drop shipping business to a higher level.



  1. Nekesha Crawford : June 15, 2017 at 12:39 am

    I am interested in dropshipping. Please email ways to get started.

  2. hi, i am interested, may you please send me an email with info? do i need to sign up to other websites to get started and do i need to pay an upfront fee? … will i need to pay anything after ive made my first sale? 😀 thank you

    • Hi Kody,

      The only thing you have to do is to sign up for Free at Aliexpress as regular buyer account. You don’t have to pay any fees or other monthly charge. We even provide with free hosting as a part of our package so no ongoing expenses from your part.

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