02 Oct 2017

Market a Dropshipping Website: Steps to Successful Dropship Marketing


DROPSHIPPING MARKETYou can have the best drop shipping website ever; but if no one is visiting it, it won’t matter. For you to make money dropshipping, your website needs to drive traffic and convert visitors into sales. That is why you need to know how to market your drop shipping website as soon as you launch it.


The importance of having a marketing strategy set for your website is clear: without visitors, there are no sales. And both you and I know that without sales, there is no profit. However, it may be overwhelming for you to promote a website. After all, you are not an professional internet marketer, are you? Well, believe it or not, everyone is. You just have to do it, and the results will blow you away!

Down below, I will outline a working marketing strategy for a dropshipping website. All you have to do is follow the steps and start making money.

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29 Sep 2017

Shopify Reviews – How to Start an Online Store With Shopify

SHOPIFY REVIEWS Shopify Reviews-Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to start a lucrative, productive business of your own, Shopify is the perfect platform for you. Shopify reviews and assessment consistently rank it as the best-of-the-best in online selling platforms.


Whether you’re offering a physical or digital product, drop shipping products, or have a service-based business, Shopify is a convenient, all-in-one ecommerce selling platform.


A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of Shopify reviews from fellow store owners. Store owners love Shopify and don’t mind telling others the benefits they receive from using this platform as their brand’s selling vehicle.



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26 Sep 2017

35 Amazing Small Home Business Ideas for Women

home business ideas for womenHome Business Ideas for Women – Getting Started 

Once upon a time, the fairytale began with a woman who married a prince and wound up with a castle. But it wasn’t long before the princess found herself trapped in the tallest tower with a couple of kids to look after. Poof! Her career was gone and yet, the prince’s income alone wasn’t allowing them to live the royal lifestyle they were used to.


It’s a story as old as time, but as modern times unfold, many women who stay home with the kids find that going back to work either isn’t an option or they can’t find gainful employment. That’s why many of them have been seeking home business ideas for women. These kinds of home business ideas for women allow them to work from the comfort of home without wasting gas on a commute, spending more than they can afford on daycare and still have the chance to spend those tender years with their kids.


Are you looking for home business ideas for women? Here are some fantastic suggestions to get you started on your work-from-home adventure!

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09 Sep 2017
11 Jul 2017

How We Got 65,000 Visitors & 236K Pageviews Through Pinterest With Less Than 1000 Followers


social media marketing pinterestSo you have a blog with amazing content. You regularly share blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. However, are you properly utilizing Pinterest as part of your social media strategy? If you aren’t, you could be missing out on website visitors by the thousands.



How do we know? We got over 65,000 visitors and 236,000 page views in one month through Pinterest…and we had less than 1,000 Pinterest followers.


Before we discuss the Pinterest secrets that you can use to send a surge of traffic to your blog, let’s do a quick review of how Pinterest works.



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26 Jun 2017

How To Start A Drop Shipping Business With Little Cash


drop shipping businessOne of the biggest advantages of the drop shipping business model is its staggering return on investment (ROI) potential. Unlike conventional business models (i.e., manufacturing, wholesaling), which required people to sink many thousands of dollars into creating and maintaining inventory, drop shipping needs only a minimal investment in the right web-based infrastructure.


That being said, like any business model, drop shipping can certainly get expensive if it isn’t approached and managed properly. High fees on ecommerce sites, for example, can take a dangerously large chunk out of your profits.


To really do drop shipping right, you’ll need to create a concrete plan for how to set up (and run) your new business with very little cash. The guide below should help you get started:



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18 May 2017

10 Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Should Consider Becoming Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


10 Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Should Consider Becoming Ecommerce EntrepreneursStaying at home to raise your children is truly one of life’s most rewarding experiences: You shed the stress and pressure of the corporate world and instead nurture a little person and help them grow.

That being said, some moms either miss the dynamic feeling of professional activities or find themselves faced with the reality that living on one income is difficult. For these women, the internet is a godsend—it allows them to locate business opportunities without leaving the home environment or their children.


There are, however, a number of frustrating dead ends out there: Taking paid surveys, selling hand-crafted goods online, and taking on freelance assignments all usually result in moms working very hard for little money. “Surely,” these frustrated women think, “There has to be an easier way!”

If you can relate to the aforementioned statement, I’m here to tell you that you’re in luck—there is an easier way. It’s called ecommerce, and here are ten very good reasons why you should consider it:



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06 May 2017

Quit Your 9 to 5 and Start an Online Boutique without any Inventory


online boutique Quitting your job to pursue your own business may have once seemed like a pipe dream, but with the right plan, it’s entirely possible to do.

In fact, it’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur, take control of your time and build your own career.

If you’ve been thinking about starting up a business so that you can work from home, running your own online store is a realistic, easy, and inexpensive option.

Let’s take a look at how you can finally quit your 9 to 5 and start your own online boutique without any inventory:




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03 May 2017

4 Awesome Tips For Balancing Business & Family As A Work At Home Mom


work at home momsWorking from home has long been a goal for many moms who wish to raise their children while maintaining their businesses and careers.


In today’s digital age, this is more possible and more prevalent than ever. Work at home moms are everywhere we look making great strides and major contributions to many industries.


Here are a few tips for creating a work/life balance when your work and home life collide.








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29 Apr 2017

Drop Shipping Business – To Niche Or Not To Niche.


drop shipping businessEvery business has its own target audience, but within this target audience, there are smaller subgroups of people. These subgroups of people share some certain characteristics, and they have certain wants, preferences, and needs. These smaller subgroups are what are known as niches, and they are a rich source of marketing opportunities.


Having a specific niche in your drop shipping business means creating a form of marketing that is aimed towards a specific population. You can aim your drop shipping business towards a particular service, or a specific demographic within your target audience. Once you are able to form your marketing endeavors around that particular subgroup, your business is already practicing niche marketing.

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