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35 Amazing Small Home Business Ideas for Women

Home Business Ideas for Women

home business ideas for womenHome Business Ideas for Women – Getting Started 

Once upon a time, the fairytale began with a woman who married a prince and wound up with a castle. But it wasn’t long before the princess found herself trapped in the tallest tower with a couple of kids to look after. Poof! Her career was gone and yet, the prince’s income alone wasn’t allowing them to live the royal lifestyle they were used to.


It’s a story as old as time, but as modern times unfold, many women who stay home with the kids find that going back to work either isn’t an option or they can’t find gainful employment. That’s why many of them have been seeking home business ideas for women. These kinds of home business ideas for women allow them to work from the comfort of home without wasting gas on a commute, spending more than they can afford on daycare and still have the chance to spend those tender years with their kids.


Are you looking for home business ideas for women? Here are some fantastic suggestions to get you started on your work-from-home adventure!






1) Start a White Label Reseller Business

Serve as a business go-between. You really don’t have to lift a finger to be a success with this either, making it a truly passive way to earn money while you take your kids to the park. When you’re a white label reseller business owner, all you’ll do is forward emails and give customers what they ordered. You don’t need to have any IT knowledge either. All you need are basic written communication skills. Check it out here!



2) Become a Freelancer

Many moms find that once they want to get back into their careers, they can’t get hired. Why waste away in an office for less than you’re worth when you can be a freelancer for hire? On sites like Fiverr, you can use your skills in graphic design, writing, secretarial, data entry, programming, music, or even business to gain clients from around the world. SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE 



3) Celebrate Every Day as a Party Planner

Do you enjoy planning every little detail of birthday parties for everyone in the family? You can leverage your planning and organizational skills by becoming a party planner. All you need is a love of parties. This kind of business simply needs word of mouth so if you’re good at networking and planning and you know all the latest trends in parties, this is a fun choice!



4) Bake Cakes from Home

One of the best home business ideas for women is to change fields and do something you really love. For many women who love baking, turning your hobby into a living is a way to make money from home and feel instantly happier. So if people are always complimenting your baked goods or you can decorate better than the Cake Boss himself, start your own home-based baking business.




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5) Help Others as a Life Coach

If your friends are always coming to you when their lives feel astray, you’ll do amazingly at being a life coach. By becoming a life coach, you encourage people to do their best and help them to recognize the steps they need to take to achieve the kind of success their after.



6) Watch Other People’s Kids

You’re already home with your kids, and you love doing crafts and fun things with them so what’s a few more of them to look after? If you have a great time with children, you can make plenty of money during the day while neighbors go to work or even for date nights and other events when people need someone safe and reliable to leave their kids with.



7) Be a Consultant in Your Former Field

So you were once an expert in advertising and marketing but now you can’t find a job in your field beyond entry level. A great home business idea for women is to go into consulting in the field of your expertise. Don’t settle for entry-level wages that won’t help you handle the finances. Plenty of companies are willing to hire on a consultant on a freelance basis to help advise them and provide solutions to problems.



8) Sell Your Crafts

Got a passion for crafts? Do people always gush over the stuff you make? You can sell your creations online in places like Etsy for example, though there are a great many more. Don’t forget about your local farmers markets and flea markets too. Those are great places to set up and you could make more in one weekend than you would at one week sitting behind a desk!



9) Do Direct Sales

Some people are just naturals at sales. There are many companies that offer the chance to sell products from home. From makeup and skincare to food and wine to jewelry and everything in between, choose something that you truly adore. Then network in real life and on social media to make those sales. You can build your own team and grow exponentially.



10) Keep the Trolls Out of Chats and Forums

One of the best home business ideas for women, particularly those who spend a great deal of time online in chats and forums, is to be a forum moderator. If you’re always the peacemaker, you’ll do well at a job like this.



11) Use Your Design Flair to be an Interior Designer

If you’re a woman with a knack for designing interior spaces, you can become an interior designer. This is a job where you can shop for and design the ideal spaces for your clientele, and you can do it all from home.



12) Help Stage Homes for Sale

Another interior design option is to work with realtors or people selling their homes to stage them for sale. So many people sit with their homes stuck on the market because they don’t know how to take photos to showcase it properly, nor do they know how to clear out the clutter so potential buyers can envision themselves living

there. You can earn quite the income with this home business idea for women!



13) Clean Your Way to More Money

For some women, cleaning is therapeutic. If you’re one of them, use your cleaning skills to clean for others. You can start with neighbors and build a base of customers from there.



14) Become a Tour Guide

If you live in a big city that gets a lot of tourism and you love showing it off, why not be an independent tour guide? If you know where to dine, what attractions people must see, or even those offbeat places that tourists miss out on when they go with big tour agencies, try your hand at this gig. There are several sites for doing this where you can set your hourly rate, like CityPals for example.







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15) Host a Guest or Rent Your Space

For those that have another property, why not put it to good use by renting it out to travelers? You can also host people in your own home. Airbnb is probably the most famous for this but there are many more that have come on the scene that allow you to rent out your space. All you need is a place to accommodate them and you can cash in.



16) Do Research for Hire

Are you able to find things online that most people can’t? And furthermore, do you enjoy it? Then you can turn those research skills into a home business idea for women. Some people absolutely loathe compiling research and they’ll be happy to pay you to do it for them.



17) Help People Eat Better as a Meal Planner

Meal planning is such a big thing right now. So many people want to get into eating healthier, more wholesome meals but they don’t know how to do it. If you’re outstanding at getting your meals planned and prepped for your own family, why not offer your services to other busy families? Americans waste more food than any other country and a lot of that can be easily avoided by meal planning. You can help your clients maximize their shopping lists and learn how to use leftovers to create new meals that are anything but boring!



18) Use Your Ear for Transcribing

If you can listen well and type fast, transcribing services are always in demand. From medical to litigation services and well beyond, you’ll find no shortage of companies hiring transcribers to work from home.




19) Give People Your Passion for Music

If music has always been your hobby, teaching the instrument you specialize in is a fantastic option for making money from home. Piano, guitar, violin or even drums are all popular for grade school-aged kids to begin learning. Music instructors often make more money teaching for a few hours a day than most people make working a 40-hour work week at an offic



20) Teach English to Children

Language is one of the biggest markets and there will always be a need for it. As the world gets more global, countries that don’t speak English are always searching for qualified people to serve as English teachers for children. You can also find gigs to teach adults business English. Many people go abroad to do this, but you can stay right in your own home and work with an online company to teach English in countries like China and Korea. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a quiet space for conducting your lessons. Also, you may have to teach at unorthodox hours due to the time difference, but the paychecks will be well worth it



21) Get Paid to Shop

It’s no secret that most women love to go shopping. If you’re one of them, turn this home business idea for women into a reality and become a mystery shopper. It’s important to note though that you won’t make gobs of money doing this, but you’ll get lots of perks like free meals or a little extra spending cash. It’s ideal for women who want to make some money on the side but are not yet able to devote enough time to a full time work from home position.



22) Get in the Kitchen as a Personal Chef

Help people make a special occasion even more memorable by becoming a personal chef. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen and good at plating, this will be a natural fit for you. And it’s not just special occasions you’re limited to either. Many people have to make dietary changes due to medical recommendations and have no idea how to cook delicious and nutritious food. You can even show them how it’s done and these will be services that will earn you a decent income. 



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23) Be the Concierge Everyone Needs

Not everyone is organized, and that’s good news for you if you are. If you are detail-oriented, you can be a concierge for busy people. You can offer a bunch of different services or you can hone in on one in particular that you really enjoy. There are many services you can offer from grocery shopping to errand running and even travel planning. People are willing to pay good money so they don’t have to do these things, and those with lots of money have little time for them so you’ll be a hot commodity.



24) Help Others Look Their Best as a Personal Stylist


For those that have a passion for fashion and know how to put together a wardrobe that showcases their best assets, you can be of great service to people who have no fashion sense. Men and women in professional fields that don’t know how to dress the part, preparing for formal events, or just having a closet full of clothes that flatter, work together and is current is something that many people could use a helping hand with. You can help them from their clothes to their shoes. You can also help women with their makeup too.



25) Declutter People’s Spaces


People don’t need to be full-on hoarders to need your help. If you’re great with organizational skills and know how to eliminate excess, you can be a huge help to people who just can’t let go of their junk. Some people are messy workers too. You can organize their workspace or even whole offices and make great pay doing it.



26) Bring Fitness into the Lives of Others


Turn your strength training into strengthening for your bank account. Personal trainers are in high demand. Many people know they need to keep fit and healthy but they need someone to motivate them and help them do the right exercises to achieve results. Other people are getting back into exercise after injuries and want to be sure they have someone to walk them through it so they don’t reinjure themselves. Whatever their reasons for hiring a personal training, you can basically get paid to workout and help motivate someone to reach their full fitness potential.



27) Share Your Passion for Pets


If you love animals, you can help out your neighbors and get some exercise while you do it. Pet walking services are always in high demand so you’ll get paid to get outside and walk and enjoy a pet friend. There are other pet services that people need like coming in to check on cats or other home-bound pets. And when people travel, they’re always in need of a quality pet sitter to lovingly care for their pet, which they favor over boarding them.



28) Help Others Get Hired


For those with HR experience, that’s a plus but even if not, you can still get loads of work trying to get others hired. One way is to offer resume writing services. Even people that are experienced and good with words have trouble positively selling themselves in regards to standing out from other applicants. Another way to help is to become a recruiter. Many jobs offer telecommuting so you can just work from home and seek out jobs for others looking to make a change.



29) Answer or Make Calls


Call centers often keep costs low by employing people outside the office to work from home. You’ll need to get the proper equipment first, which is usually just a headset with microphone, but then you can choose from a variety of businesses to work for and a variety of calls. If you don’t like making calls, then answering inbound calls will be a better fit. During the holiday season, there are even more opportunities for things like flower and food delivery companies so check them out. If you like calling people, you can work for a place that requires you to cold call. Incoming or outgoing, these kinds of jobs are great for people who love to talk on the phone.



30) Stitch Things Up


Surprisingly, many people lack even basic sewing skills. Home business ideas for women that few people think about are things like sewing. If you’re an expert at mending seams or hemming and tailoring, you can build up a thriving sewing business right from home.



31) Use Your Social Media Skills

If you have a newborn that’s sleeping most of the time, chances are the rest of your time is spent scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Why not get paid to do that for a company? Companies big and small are in need of social media marketers, people who get paid to post on social media. So if you’re always sharing articles, jokes, photos or anything else, you can have great fun working for someone else!



32) Program Software


Another home business idea for women is to use coding to create software, which you can do from anywhere. You can also learn how to do it if you’re so inclined. They have toys that teach it to children so if they can learn how to code, so can you!



33) Be a Translator


As mentioned earlier in regards to teaching non-English speakers English, language is something that will always have jobs available. If you speak another language, you can find meaningful work as a translator. Businesses always need help finding the right words when it comes to marketing materials and advertisements in other languages. You can translate all sorts of documents and letters or appear via video or phone call to be there for meetings to help people of different languages communicate effectively.



34) Help with Homework


Are you a whiz when it comes to math? Do you have an eagle-eye when it comes to grammar and spelling? You can help by being a tutor to children struggling in certain subjects. You can also be helpful to college students, especially those from other countries who might feel overloaded taking classes in a language that isn’t their native language. Tutoring holds many home business ideas for women.



35) Maximize SEO Potential for Businesses


With everything online, companies need to rank at the top in order to drive the most profits. Do you know what SEO keywords people will tend to type when searching for businesses? Knowing how to optimize SEO will lead you to a great many opportunities working right from home. Plus it’s easier than most people think, and everyone loves an easy way to make money.

And there you have it. 35 different ways that you can harness your own unique potential to make money while you’re at home. Home business ideas for women don’t need to be outdated or boring. They can make you lots of money. From using your experiences to being a white label reseller which makes the money for you, you’ll make your account balance grow!



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