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The concept behind a dropshipping business is relatively straight forward. You run and own an online website or storefront that sells fantastic products at unbeatable prices. While this may sound like there is a lot of work involved, there actually isn’t and the key to this is the fact that you do not actually stock and ship any of the products you have up for sale. Instead, you work with a wholesale supplier who stocks and ships the products for your dropshipping business. You simply sell your products to customers at a premium price and pay the wholesale cost to the suppliers who do the shipping and handling of the product. Here are a few reasons why you should consider looking at our dropshipping businesses for sale.

● The best dropshipping businesses have very little risk involved in owning and running them. You do not tie your money up in inventory as the product only gets bought when it is purchased by a customer. This guarantees a profit for you.

● Once you purchase from the wide range of dropshipping businesses for sale, you get a very fast startup. You do not need to lease a warehouse, hire people to manage and pick your products, or stock inventory. You simply set up your website and allow your wholesale supplier take care of the rest.

● The best dropshipping businesses are scalable. Meaning, you can obtain growth quickly and not have to worry about things going wrong. All the extra work involved with an increase in orders falls onto your wholesale supplier to stock and ship the products for the orders. The supplier simply picks the order, packs it, and ships it from their warehouse to the customer directly.

● The best dropshipping businesses have little to no overhead costs which means more profit in your pocket. Because there is no need for your own stock or warehouse, you can run your own business from your home or from your phone with little to no cost. Only thing that will be an expense is purchasing the website to get your business up and running.

Check out our video to see how this system works and read on to see how you can get started today with our dropshipping businesses for sale.

Getting Started Is so EASY

Step 1

Pick a Niche and place your order here for a readymade store

Step 2

We contact you to discuss details

Step 3

Our Design team start working on your store

Step 4

You get you store in 24 hours

Order your dropshipping site from us

All you need to do is click the ‘ORDER’ button and the process will be set in motion. We have done extensive research into the most profitable niches available anywhere in the world and you will have your pick to choose from.

Build your website

A website is of no use if your customers find it difficult or unpleasant to navigate. It’s essential that you incorporate the very best elements of clean, effective and intuitive web design to give your shoppers a pleasurable browsing experience. We have extensive experience in developing professional quality websites that are both elegant and highly functional. We’ll create a site that works fast, is easy for people to use, works on both PCs and mobile devices, and that looks create. All in all, it’s the perfect package!

Choose your domain

One quick visit to is all it takes for you to choose your ideal domain name and check its availability. Your domain name is a vital piece of the puzzle; it becomes a part of your brand identity and it is your virtual calling card, so make sure you choose wisely.
If you can’t settle on one, just let us know what sort of thing you’re looking for and we will happily choose one for you.

Free Hosting

Because we own a dedicated server with space for 10,000+ websites, it’s easy for us to keep all of your files on our secure server. While we can transfer your site to any host of your choice, know that it may run slower and/or function in a less secure environment. However, we’ll be happy to transfer your site free of charge.


As the owner of a dropshipping site, all dropshipping links are provided to you for each product with the biggest dropshipping wholesaler worldwide, so you are directed to the purchase page for any product you sell on your new site.
For example, if you were to list a product on your site for $20, then you would only have to pay the supplier around $5 to cover the wholesale fee since you have a wholesale account with them. The supplier then sends the product directly to your customer, without any additional fees to pay for shipping and handling. You’ve then made a healthy profit of $15, and your customers are none the wiser since the product is not sent with an invoice or pricing information. All you have to do is place each order, and offer tracking information if you want to. All it takes is less than a minute per order.

Marketing Plan

We will also provide the social media marketing strategy that is being used by top marketers who are now avoiding SEO. Google’s new update system penalizes sites which increase in rank too quickly by making SEO costly, time-consuming and frustrating. Social Media groups are now driving traffic utilizing areas such as e-commerce and we have embraced this shift, and we are using it to convert interest groups to customers. This is the Social Media focused Marketing Plan which will generate traffic and sales to your site. It includes the use of Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other strategies to allow your Dropshipping business to remain dominant.


In the event that your customer wants their money refunded, the wholesaler refunds you quickly without having to return the item because they don’t want the headache of receiving returns etc. for relatively low-value items. This enables you to give a full or partial refund to your customer through PayPal without them having to return the item either. The reputation of the wholesaler is exposed and they are willing to do anything to maintain their feedback rating. However, incidents such as these are rare. Transactions are all carried out via PayPal, to ensure they are safe and secure. Shipping also comes with tracking which puts your customer at ease.


Now you have everything in place you need to start developing your dropshipping empire! From as little as a few clicks every single day you could start making serious money and with us you will have all of the tools necessary to allow your profits to truly swell.
We’re always on hand with help, advice and guidance should you ever get stuck or when the time comes you feel the need to expand. So now everything is place, all you need to do is count out your profits!

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