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Market a Dropshipping Website: Steps to Successful Dropship Marketing

Market a Dropshipping Website_ Steps to Successful Dropship Marketing


You can have the best drop shipping website ever; but if no one is visiting it, it won’t matter. For you to make money dropshipping, your website needs to drive traffic and convert visitors into sales. That is why you need to know how to market your drop shipping website as soon as you launch it.


The importance of having a marketing strategy set for your website is clear: without visitors, there are no sales. And both you and I know that without sales, there is no profit. However, it may be overwhelming for you to promote a website. After all, you are not an professional internet marketer, are you? Well, believe it or not, everyone is. You just have to do it, and the results will blow you away!

Down below, I will outline a working marketing strategy for a dropshipping website. All you have to do is follow the steps and start making money.



Step 1: Launch a Blog on Your Dropshipping Website


To be honest, you won’t have much success marketing your drop shipping website if you don’t have a blog section. This is why a turnkey dropship website is much better than building your own. If you are using WordPress as your Content Management System, you will find it easy to create and write for your blog.


Every successful business has an online presence in the form of a blog. It helps you build a relationship with your customers. If they read about what concerns them on your blog, they’ll trust that you can provide what they actually need. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to rank high on the search results for keywords that actually bring profit. Step 3 has more about that.


Step 2 : Create Ads On Social Media




Many dropship website owners market their products using Facebook and Instagram Ads. So, you can only guess that it works for them. That is why you need to do it as well. However, if you want to build a much more successful business, you won’t be only promoting products you are selling, but providing free products as well. Of course, we are not in the business of wasting money. Still, offering your potential audience an e-book for free will entice them to buy from you later on. But you won’t be doing this without anything in return. You are doing it to get their contact information, more specifically their emails. The last step will have more on that.


Step 3 : Work on Search Engine Optimization


If you are trying to sale a necklace, you probably won’t be ranking higher than the original seller. Or if your wholesaler is providing you with a common product, other stores will have dominated the search result pages by the time you got into the competition. Therefore, you won’t make money dropshipping any time soon.


But if you work on Search Engine Optimization, your website will not only rank high on the search engine result pages, but you will gain their trust, too. Following a good keyword strategy, you will only target what your audience is actually looking for. You will optimize both your product descriptions and your blog articles to target what you audience will use to find you on the internet.


Thanks to your blog section, you can work on getting a lot of external backlinks, which are considered one of the top 3 ranking factors. Once you have enough backlinks, and your blog is completely optimized, you will rank for product keywords above your competition. And everyone knows the more visitors you have, the more sales you are likely to make.


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Step 4 : Grow Your Email List


Not all your visitors will buy from you. Some of them aren’t looking to buy at all, they just window-shopping on the internet. This doesn’t mean they are never going to buy, it just means they aren’t ready yet. If you have incentive to offer, such as free e-books that you have used for the ads as mentioned above, you can ask them to subscribe to your email list. There are a lot of other ways to ask for your visitors’ email without actually asking. But it is important that you do it. The more subscribers you have, the easier it is to market your drop shipping website and the better your chances of having new sales


Step 5 : Social Media Shoutouts


Everybody knows that Instagram shoutouts will work amazingly for promoting your dropshipping store. However, if you have a long term vision, you can make much more than just a couple of sales. Free giveaway on social media will bring you more leads and email subscribers than simply trying to sell your products on Instagram. No one likes an advertiser that gets in their face when they aren’t looking, but everyone likes to get free stuff every now and then. That way, you will have thousands of people interested in what you have to offer without actually trying to sell them anything.


Step 6 : Email Your Subscribers




Your email subscribers are potential clients that need to be persuaded to buy your products. The great thing about them is that they already know about you. Using some email marketing techniques, you can turn subscribers into customers in no time. You can send them email letting them know that you have new products on your store. Usually, it would take you days and weeks (if not months) before your new products start bringing you profit. With an active list of subscribers, as soon as the products are available on your website, profits start to come in.


However, you don’t always have to sell them something. You can promote your blog posts and free giveaways all the time as well. As we have established earlier, you aren’t losing money by giving away something free. Instead, you are investing in a long term client-store relationship. Protip: Ask your email subscribers what products they are looking for. If enough of them mention the same product, find a wholesaler and start making huge sales right there and then!


Step 7 : Enjoy Making A Lot Of Profit


Let’s recap what you have achieved following this marketing strategy for your dropshipping website:


  • Higher search engine rankings,
  • effective social media ads and shoutouts,
  • and a huge list of email subscribers.


This all equates to endless traffic that can be easily be converted into leads and sales. You have an audience on demand (email subscribers), paid traffic (social media ads and shoutouts), and organic and free traffic (search engine traffic). Each of these three groups convert in different rates, but they all do convert eventually. And you can sit back and watch your profits keep growing day by day.