Why Having a Professional Website Matters to Your Dropshipping Business

Why Having a Professional Website Matters to Your Dropshipping Business

Starting a dropshipping business is inexpensive to begin with, which is one of the reasons that so many new entrepreneurs get interested in it. Traditional businesses require a stock of inventory, display space, employees and high overhead costs.

A consumer makes a purchase from a dropshipping business and the warehouse and has the product shipped directly to the consumer. If there are any issues with shipping or the product arrival is problematic, typically the supplier will still be responsible for the basics and can handle any returns or replacements.

Obviously, the consumer has to find the products and have a way to purchase them. It’s true that a new dropshipping company can start out trying to make some money quickly without great expense.

Social media sites like Facebook allow free business pages . While the business is starting out and not many sales are made, the new business owner won’t have many customer communications challenges. Free hosting sites also offer ways to site running where a dropshipping business can get started. This is all great in the very beginning, since you can acquire some funding from those first sales and prepare to re-invest your earnings into your own business.

What happens to a successful dropship business once they begin to climb in success? If you’ve got products people want at good prices and your supplier or warehouse is doing a good job, sales will begin to climb. That’s great, right? It sure is – until it gets out of hand or runs out of steam. If the business grows very quickly, it may become difficult to use a simple free site to analyze where your traffic comes from. If you want to start selling another product line to build on your success, you will have to start from scratch and build yet another free site on your own, plus add marketing.

You’ll need high quality images, videos and customer support options. You’ll run into problems if you try to used copyrighted images on your do-it-yourself site. Also, many free sites and social media pages show ads for competitor businesses, so you lose traffic.

Your customers may try to tell their friends about where they got their items, and in trying to pass along your freebie website address a letter gets dropped since your URL will probably be long and may have random letters or numbers at the end. If a customer does find their way to your ad-littered site, they may bounce right off. Now you’ve gone from a growing business to a fizzle out.

This sends some new dropshipping business owners into a panic. Paying a buddy to make a website for $50 might get you a dot com, but you probably aren’t going to get a template with eye-catching colors, high resolution and hyperlinks to support your contact and content needs. You can go hunting for a web designer company that builds high-end custom websites to your exact specifications, but that’s going to cost you a few thousand dollars, not even counting long-term hosting.

So, how do you find an affordable way to run a quality dropshipping website? You start off by forgetting about major retailers and thinking about the dropship business and why YOU need a website, so you can turn to a solution that will fit your needs. Consider the basic reasons that you need this site first.

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Starting Out:

1) You need a place for people to buy that is professionally designed with attractive colors.

2) You’ll need a good domain name so customers can get to you and remember you.

3) You need a site that can easily connect with your warehouse.

4) You need solid graphics that are royalty-free or paid for properly.

5) You need a site that will allow you to generate additional pages when you are ready, because whether you do it from the beginning or later on, you will want to add CONTENT to those pages.

Climbing the Success Ladder

What else? Everything mentioned above will be a start. If you are already making some weekly sales, you’ll need more. You need a place you can get started with, but knowing that there is room for expansion later.

This leads to even more reasons you need the a truly professional website:

a) You may eventually want to sell more products, and a professional website will have the possibility for more domains and more sites.

b) You want a website designed by a company that specifically focuses on dropshipping websites.

c) Customers today use mobile devices more than ever. You need a site that can display for that.

d) Your customers may need to find you through your content. A site set up in a Content Management like  wordpress.

e) You need a website so that your business is ready for sales 24/7. Websites need hosting and it’s very difficult to manage a site with one company for hosting, another that owns your domain, and another that designs your site. One company that does all that is ideal.

f) Every business has to do market research and advertising. With a website, that will happen online. You want a company that offers services for keyword analysis and advertising/marketing research. When people search for a trending keyword related to YOUR products, your site should come up.

The great thing is, if you can have a professional dropshipping website built for you that is specific to dropshipper businesses, that also means you are more likely to find this whole endeavor affordable. You can get a professional dropshipping website created for you in price ranges from $300 to $800 depending on what options you need. You’ll have a full monetized website that is ready to bring in cash in just a few days.

A website also lets you capitalize on shoppers that start out in retail stores. Many WordPress themes can be set up to automatically display your site on a mobile phone, tablet or other device. This lets you take advantage of a growing trend. It isn’t uncommon now for consumers to go shopping at the mall and see something they want but can’t afford. It could also be a dress than isn’t in their size.

They may use a bar code scanner on their phone or take a picture of the item for a reverse google search. If that product is found on YOUR website at a lower price or a different size, the consumer is much more likely to buy it immediately while looking at it right in the store. The mall did your advertising, but you get the profits!As mentioned in this article already, it’s content that often drives your search ranking up and brings traffic to your site. A consumer may not even know they want or need a particular item.

Perhaps they are searching for better ways to work in the garden. They go online and search for gardening, just looking for information. One of your pages will be a blog related to your products. The consumer may find a great article on pain-free gardening. They click on a link in your blog and it comes to your product site, where they find an inexpensive gardening helper tool that folds into a seat and a pull-up bar so they can sit and garden or get up and down easier. Your gardening blog got them to the site, but the hyperlink to your products just made you a sale in a few minutes!

With the right website, you can also take a look at your analytics and see how that traffic came to your site. Now you know what to add to your product line. Perhaps your traffic actually came from your Facebook business page which had some product reviews, but your analytics show you that the person liked the reviews and clicked a button to come to your full website.

Now you have social media and your website working together. You can add video content which is one of the fastest growing methods to pull traffic today. People love to see step by step instructions on how to do something, and will click on a link to buy an item that will be necessary to get the job done.

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