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Shopify Reviews – How to Start an Online Store With Shopify

Shopify Reviews

Shopify Reviews-Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to start a lucrative, productive business of your own, Shopify is the perfect platform for you. Shopify reviews and assessment consistently rank it as the best-of-the-best in online selling platforms. Whether you’re offering a physical or digital product, drop shipping products, or have a service-based business, Shopify is a convenient, all-in-one ecommerce selling platform. A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of Shopify reviews from fellow store owners. Store owners love Shopify and don’t mind telling others the benefits they receive from using this platform as their brand’s selling vehicle.




Some of the advantages of choosing Shopify as your online selling solution include:


1) Speed – even image and graphic heavy stores load quickly and easily making a smooth customer experience

2) Security – Shopify uses secure encryption technology that eases customers concerns about online transactions

3) Support – business owners have all the back-end support they need via email, live chat, phone, and a robust FAQ section for self-guided support

4) Sales & Marketing – you’ll love the marketing and SEO tools they offer in addition to their product categories that get more eyes on your store

This guide will help you set up your Shopify store in five simple steps. These steps will help you get your store up and running as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s get started.


Step 1: Create An Account > Go to and click the Get Started button.

The first thing you need to do is create an account. This is a very simple step and should only take a few minutes.

a) Start by filling in the boxes requesting your shop name and email address. Choose your shop’s name carefully. Instead of focusing on a name you love, choose one that clearly describes your product or service. You should also make sure the shop name you choose appeals to your target market.

b) Once you’ve chosen a shop name, the next step is to fill in your desired email address and password. Choose a password that is easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess. Use a mix of upper and lower-case letters, and symbols. Click Next.

c) In the next step, you’ll be asked to choose which type of store you want to open. When prompted, select online store.

d) Next, complete the requested personal information, including your full name, mailing address, and telephone number. This will allow Shopify to automatically set up your currency and tax rates. Click Next.

e) Enter your anticipated selling volume if you’re a startup or brand, spanking new store. Enter your existing sales volume if you’re an existing business. Click Enter My Store



Step 2: Add Your First Product > Go to Add A Product


This step takes more time, but is also more fun. Watching your store take shape as you fill it with products and services is a thrill for every Shopify store owner. Take your time during this step and make sure you highlight the best features and benefits of your product.


a) In this step, you’ll begin to fill in the identifying details of your product or service. Add the product’s title and description. Use SEO friendly keywords in your product description. Choosing words your target market will look for makes it easier for them to find you.

b) Make sure you include product variations, like color, size, and personalization if applicable. Use your product descriptions to tell your customers as much as possible about your items and make them want to purchase.

c) Finally, set the quantity and price for your product or service and click Save.

d) Repeat this process for each product or service you offer until your shop is full.



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Step 3: Customize Your Store > Go To Customize The Look of Your Site


This step is fun! By customizing the look of your shop, you set it apart from all the other shops on Shopify – including your competitors. Use your brand colors and design your shop to have website curb appeal. Customer’s will talk about the look, feel, and ease of use in their Shopify reviews. Use the customizable features of your store to set it up for success. Here’s how to do that.

*) Visit Shopify’s Theme Store. In the theme store, you’ll find hundreds of themes to choose from. Decide which theme works best for you, is easiest for you to customize, and give you the look and feel you want your store to have.

*) You can also customize the layout of your store. Choose a layout that shows off your products and lets your store load quickly and creates a premium and logical product flow.

*) This is also the screen where you can upload pictures of your products. After you’ve uploaded your pictures, you can arrange them in order you prefer. Product photos can impact and increase sales, so follow these photo tips to make sure your products or services are shown in their most appealing light:

*) Choose pictures that are bright and clear

*) Use one image size throughout your store to create a cohesive shop look and feel

*) Choose the one that best represents your brand and product or service selections. Once you’ve done that, return to your easy to navigate dashboard and add a domain name.

*) Don’t forget to add your logo!



Step 4: Choose A Domain Name > Go To Add A Domain



Click on the button that lets you choose Add A Domain. Whether you choose a new domain name or transfer an existing one, choose a domain name that represents your business well. Short domain names that are easy to remember are better than long ones.
a) If you already have a domain name, you’re free to use that existing domain name or one you’ve purchased elsewhere.

b) If you don’t have a domain name, choose a new one. Shopify will walk you through this process.



Step 5: Choose Your Payment Gateway > Go To Payments


a) Choosing a payment gateway is important. Online Shopify reviews will show that Shopify has one of the most robust selections of payment gateways to choose from.

b) Choose your preferred payment gateway service.

c) Shopify has many payment gateways to choose from, including popular options like PayPal and Stripe in addition to their own payment gateway.

d) Choose the payment gateway you prefer. You’ll be asked to set up that account, which should take only a few simple steps, like connecting your bank account in order to receive your payments.

e) Click Launch Website.


You’re all set! Setting up your Shopify store using these five, simple steps is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your business. Shopify reviews from your buyers are also a great marketing tool. Shopify reviews from satisfied customers will help spread the word about your shop and products to the people who need them most.

Now that you’ve set up your store, it’s time to start marketing like a maniac. Make sure you promote your Shopify store on all your social media channels. You can also take advantage of Shopify’s reviews and store owner’s forums to make your shop better.

Congratulations on setting up your Shopify store. Get out there and sell! You’ll enjoy the convenience of working from home to create the income you deserve. Shopify is here to help you do exactly that. Happy selling!