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10 Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Should Consider Becoming Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

10 Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Should Consider Becoming Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Staying at home to raise your children is truly one of life’s most rewarding experiences: You shed the stress and pressure of the corporate world and instead nurture a little person and help them grow. That being said, some moms either miss the dynamic feeling of professional activities or find themselves faced with the reality that living on one income is difficult. For these women, the internet is a godsend—it allows them to locate business opportunities without leaving the home environment or their children.


There are, however, a number of frustrating dead ends out there: Taking paid surveys, selling hand-crafted goods online, and taking on freelance assignments all usually result in moms working very hard for little money. “Surely,” these frustrated women think, “There has to be an easier way!”  If you can relate to the aforementioned statement, I’m here to tell you that you’re in luck—there is an easier way. It’s called ecommerce, and here are ten very good reasons why you should consider it:





1) Low startup costs.


Gone are the days when starting an ecommerce shop meant investing in a large inventory of products. Today, savvy stay at home moms can make use of the drop shipping model, wherein products are sourced directly from the manufacturer on an “as needed” basis.

As Practical Ecommerce explains, “When a customer places on order for a drop shipped product online, the retailer receives the order and payment for the order, and then either automatically or manually contacts the wholesaler or manufacturer, issuing a purchase order for the item and providing instructions for shipping directly to the customer. The wholesaler or manufacturer ships the product, and the retailer earns a profit.”

Incredibly, starting an ecommerce business can typically be done for between $30-$50.




2) Quick startup time.


Because you will not need to wait for stock to arrive, you can set up a drop shipping ecommerce business in literally hours. You don’t even need to design your own ecommerce website, just set up a virtual storefront using one of the many online marketplace services available, e.g., Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and so on.



3) Low maintenance.


 Stay at home moms already have a full-time job—raising their children—so they understandably don’t always have a lot of hours left in the day to devote to their online business. This is another reason why ecommerce is the ideal business venture for moms: When you use the drop shipping model, all you need to do to run your business is answer customer inquiries and fulfill orders in your spare time.



4) Excellent growth potential.


 Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing parts of the economy. Current projections (courtesy of eMarketer) estimate that ecommerce will grow by as much as 13 to 25 percent globally by the year 2018. By the end of 2018, ecommerce should account for almost $2.5 trillion dollars’ worth of the world’s total economy. In an age when many conventional jobs are being replaced by automation, these figures are important. As a stay at home mom with an ecommerce shop, you may actually have more secure employment than moms who work outside the home!



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5) Marketing is simple and often free.


These days, everyone—moms, dads, grandmas, teens, and so on—usually has a number of social media profiles to their name. We’ve naturally become more connected to large audiences than ever before, and the services we use to stay connected are almost always completely free. You’ll therefore be happy to know that these channels (e.g., your Twitter account, Facebook account, and so on) also make great marketing vehicles for your ecommerce shop. Even if your social media audience is spread out over many miles, you can still generate conversions as people can order from your shop from virtually anywhere.



6) The internet is where most of the customers are.


Even though ecommerce is still in its relative infancy, already 80 percent of the population have made at least one purchase online. Research suggests that people are, in general, actually more comfortable shopping online than “in person.” It’s not hard to guess why: When you shop online, your purchases are kept confidential, you don’t have to battle crowds or traffic, and you can take your time. It’s simply a much more pleasant overall experience.



7) You can earn money even while you sleep.


Unlike conventional business models, which are limited either by shop hours or the amount of time a person can feasibly be awake working, ecommerce is a “24 hours a day, seven days a week” moneymaking machine. Even while you catch a much-needed nap, your shop will be open and new customers will be ordering. You simply can’t beat ecommerce where productivity is concerned.



8) The entire planet is your marketplace.


Drop shipping makes shipping products globally a breeze. Forget hauling boxes to your nearest post office or having to forego shipping internationally due to the exorbitant fees charged by the US postal system. Instead, your wholesalers will ship products anywhere around the world inexpensively from countries like China where shipping costs are still reasonable.



9) You can work from literally anywhere.


Because you don’t have to manage stock or inventory or ship products yourself, you can manage you ecommerce store from anywhere (provided you have an internet connection). This means that if you want to (for example) stay over at Grandma’s with the kids one weekend, you can easily do so while still taking care of business.



10) You can sell anything you want.


The “low risk” nature of drop shipping ecommerce means that you can experiment with selling a wide array of different products without losing money. Discovering the variety of different retail products out there will be almost as much fun as shopping for yourself!

 There are, of course, a few downsides to eCommerce, such as thinner profit margins, but the lower startup costs usually balance this out (and then some). For most stay at home moms, this convenient, flexible, and efficient business model is exactly what they need to get ahead—and stay ahead—financially. Ready to get you started? Check It Out How it Works