The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dropshipping- How to Start a Dropshipping Business

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dropshipping- How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Table of Contents (Interactive)

1. Table of Contents (Interactive)
2. What is Dropshipping?
3. How Does Drop Shipping Work?
4. How to Become a Dropshipper
a. How to Find a Domain Name
b. How to Start a Dropshipping Website
c. The Best ECommerce Platforms for DropShipping
5. Free Dropshipping Companies
6. How to Find Niche Markets
7. How to Make Money Dropshipping
a. How to Find a Profitable Niche
b. How to Market Your Dropshipping Store

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a money-saving shipping method that does not require the salesperson to keep goods in stock. When a consumer purchases an order, the salesperson orders the goods directly from a wholesaler. The customer is still receiving their purchase, but it is shipped to them from a completely different company. Dropshipping is a low-risk shipping and business tactic because the salesperson has no need to spend large amounts of money on inventory. It is a highly desirable method for new entrepreneurs because of the high success rate at basically no cost, and it is a good way to monetize a website.

A dropshipper acts as a middleman between the wholesaler (the owner of the items) or the manufacturer (the creator of the items) and the buyer. A dropshipper does not own the items that they sell, but by being the middleman, they typically make the most of the profits. It puts them at an advantage over other retailers because of the ability to spend profits on marketing tactics, advertisements, and higher-priced items. A wholesaler benefits from dropshipping by receiving constant sales from multiple dropshippers, making their business a constant form of earning money.

Dropshipping is beneficial for numerous reasons. First of all, dropshippers are able to offer hundreds more items than other retailers. This comes from a dropshipper’s ability to be associated with numerous wholesalers. Because they do not actually purchase the items, dropshippers do not lose money from too much inventory. Secondly, this method runs in any part of the world; as long as the dropshipper has an internet connection, their business is up and running. Finally, the workload is light due to the wholesaler doing the shipping. A dropshipping method is good for new entrepreneurs because they can learn as they go without too much risk.

In this guide, we will discuss the ins and outs of dropshipping. Readers will come to understand the importance of marketing a niche, finding a place within the market, and time management. Eventually, readers will learn how to profit from dropshipping and the methods to take in the process.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?

Now that you know the basics of the market, we will discuss the ins and outs of dropshipping. It is a simple concept that involves little to no work for the dropshipper. A retailer lists items on their site, where a customer finds the products. The customer buys a product; the retailer buys and ships that item from a wholesaler. The dropshipper may or may not have an affiliation to the wholesaler.

A dropshipper will involve themselves with a wholesaler or manufacturers, or they may be independent. Wholesalers do not need to know that you are selling their items; as in, it is not against the law. (It is not illegal because the dropshipper is still purchasing items from the wholesaler, meaning that the wholesaler still sells their item in the process.) However, it is common courtesy to tell the truth, and a wholesaler will usually ask within an order if you have an online store. One way to get around answering a question involves working with Dropshipping Directories; in that case, wholesalers are aware of the dropshippers because they affiliated themselves with the directory.

A customer orders the items from the drop shipper’s store or domain, and the dropshipper places that order, plus the customer’s address, on the wholesaler’s site. It is highly recommended for the dropshipper to keep their wholesaler a secret for two reasons: the customer’s knowledge and the knowledge of other dropshippers. A dropshipper cannot make money if the customer is aware of a much cheaper price, and a dropshipper’s competition rises significantly as multiple people sell the same things.

This is a sustainable method for the wholesaler and the dropshipper. However, it is possible for customers to find lower prices, especially among other wholesalers. This issue can be fixed by finding a cheap wholesaler or a wholesaler that pays commission.

How to Become a Dropshipper

Knowing what dropshipping is and how it works does not automatically make you an expert. An entire learning process lives within the market, and our Cheat Sheet will educate you. Nothing can be successful without effort; a dropshipper must be willing to put in time, some money, and effort into their new business. A potential dropshipper must inherit time management and prioritization. They should put effort into educating themselves in a thing or two about entrepreneurship.

Finding a wholesale company is generally step one to becoming a dropshipper. A wholesaler will be the source of your supplies, so it is important to know a few things before setting up their items. The wholesaler’s shipping methods should be in the dropshipper’s information. Any other requirements, returns policies, and payment options are up to the wholesaler as well.

A large portion of dropshippers own blogs, Ebay or Amazon accounts, or they have their own domain. Currently, the most profitable method of dropshipping involves creating a personal website to sell items. However, that is not the only method, and any two ways can be equally profitable with the right methods.

Dropshipping from sites similar to Ebay or Amazon creates a potential for extra fees. Sites that allow dropshippers to post their items typically want a small percentage of the profits, and that percentage may take a chunk out of the dropshipper’s profit.

Now that you know the basics of becoming a dropshipper, you are ready to start the process of involving yourself in the occupation. Building an internet presence by finding a domain name, starting a website, and marketing your products is the next step.

How to Find a Domain Name

The first step to beginning a business in dropshipping involves making a mark. The domain name will become a sort of brand for the dropshipper. We answered the “how”, and now the readers need to consider what kind of dropshipper they will become. The following instructions will revolve around creating an identity in retail, including how to find a domain name, starting a website, and the best platforms to start with.

A domain name may be the only thing that a dropshipper needs to spend money on, depending on the methods of the dropshipper. For this reason, the starting price of making a dropshipping business may not exceed $40. Sites that host dropshippers, including eCommerce platforms, are plentiful. These types of sites include a domain name plus free hosting.

A good domain name should reflect the profitable niche that the dropshipper chooses. Many profitable domain names litter the dropshipping world. A domain name should have the name of a high-profit product within it. It needs to reflect the essence of the dropshipper’s products and advertise the market for a higher percentage of views. One quick visit to this free tool is all it takes for you to choose your ideal domain name and check its availability

Websites that allow dropshippers to purchase a domain name include the following:

Domain names are incredibly cheap. The price of the domain rises with the quality of the domain. For example, a .com domain name is more expensive than a .us domain name. A majority of them run on a single pay per year basis, meaning that dropshippers literally pay cents per month. After purchasing a domain, a dropshipper’s main concern should involve finding a host.

Once you purchase a domain name, the next step involves finding a web host. The web host is the actual makeup of a website. Dropshippers may design, post on, and organize their items with web hosting. Some web hosts allow free eCommerce, and others require a business plan. Many web hosts allow users to use a majority of their services for free, only to pay for a single service.

How to Start a Dropshipping Website

Two basic things are required to start a website: a domain name and domain hosting. Domain names are a cheap investment, but domain hosting is a bit trickier. After choosing both, receiving viewers is the next step. A high-quality marketing strategy is the dropshipper’s best bet, and that requires pre-planning and involvement in the market.

On top of a domain name and hosting, a dropshipping website needs time and nurturing. Once a dropshipper chooses a domain after finding a profitable market, they will begin posting items! Many methods revolve around bringing profits to a site. These methods include, but are not limited to, advertising, guest posting, commenting, social media,newsletters, and creating a blog. Each method has positives and negatives, and at least half of them require more money.

Another method to starting a dropshipping website involves another business or person doing it. A dropshipper may purchase a spot on an eCommerce platform to receive the advice, marketing strategies, tactics, and publicity all in one. ECommerce platforms are plentiful, and each of them will save a dropshipper time. A cheaper dropshipper may prefer cheaper methods, but eCommerce platforms are generally the safest and most beneficial methods to dropshipping.

The Best ECommerce Platforms for DropShipping

ECommerce platforms are a common occurrence on the internet. Some of the most popular eCommerce platforms include Shopify, Magento, Spark Shipping, and BigCommerce. Typically, these sites charge expensive monthly fees, and they want pieces of your transactions. However, eCommerce platforms have domain hosting, a wide range of editing, unlimited item posting, and many other features. They are excellent for monthly or yearly reports, keeping track of sales, and keeping track of views and clicks.

These eCommerce platforms and their variations allow upcoming online business owners to create an online store. On sites like Shopify, Magento, Spark Shipping, and Volusion, dropshipping companies organize their products and keep track of sales. Retail owners have the abilities to decorate their store, edit products, and accept payment directly through these platforms.

The downside of eCommerce platforms is the expense, despite saving money on monthly hosting. The monthly hosting can add up, especially with a year’s pay in advance. Some eCommerce platforms can even charge thousands of dollars a year, eliminating the low-risk advantage of dropshipping. Expensive platforms like Shopify take large chunks of profit out of sales. Because dropshipping relies heavily on sales, an expensive eCommerce platform may not be the best choice. This is especially true if the dropshipper does not have the time for consistent marketing, resulting in a drop in views, then sales, then negative profits.

Domain hosting is a substantial need for dropshippers. A domain name is simply a base. It is a way to host a personal email and create a website. However, a website is not automatically created at the same time as a domain name. Instead, dropshippers must also invest in domain hosting. Unlike a domain name, domain hosting involves a monthly payment. ECommerce platforms eliminate this double pay, and they can be more effective.

Dropshipping Mart is an excellent alternative to sites like Shopify. The one-time payment is a better method for long-term dropshippers. It allows new entrepreneurs to have elbow room by creating a low-risk way to earn a profit. Dropshipping Mart chooses an effective niche for its clients, ensuring high profits for users. The niche will have a high concentration of sales and sustainability with low effort and skills.

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Free Dropshipping Companies

Free dropshipping directories litter the internet. Many of these directories are a free way to find wholesalers in the dropshipping industry. A company that allows free listings is a good start for upcoming entrepreneurs. Certain free companies only have a few requirements. Those requirements may include a link back to their site, the site’s zip code, or paying a small fee per sale. A free dropshipping company may even allow the sellers to use their description and pictures, eliminating time-consuming planning.

Acquiring items from free dropshipping companies is a part of the low risk business method. Even if it is low risk, a few things must be taken into consideration before using them. As previously stated, dropshippers should consider the following:

  • Shipping methods
  • Shipping costs
  • Delivery time

Considering these things before utilizing a dropshipper will keep the retailer’s name clean. Remember, even though the wholesaler is doing the service, it is the retailer’s reputation that is on the line. The entire method is trial-and-error, but error can be avoided by asking the right questions.

To get you started, here are a few directories:

How to Find Niche Markets

A dropshipping company should have a wide range of supplies to choose from. The free companies are meant to be as general as possible, and it is the retailer’s job to narrow the selection. Finding a niche market involves striking gold with good keywords, specifying your market, identifying competitors, and differentiating yourself from those competitors.

Keyword and trends tools are a friend to every online business owner. Keyword research is an important aspect to any online entrepreneur. Searching for ads on Google Search pages is a strong indicator of a high-profit niche with high competition. However, it is the job of the dropshipper to find a high profit niche with low competition, especially if this dropshipper is a completely new entrepreneur.

Aside from Google Keywords and Google Trends, other free keyword niche finders are available as well. These sites are able to find profitable and unique keywords, leading to a valuable niche for your store. In order to profit from their services, they allow a limited number of searches or less insight than a paying customer. Here is a representative table of for profit and nonprofit keyword and trend research:

Finding niche markets goes back to viewing other retail stores. Mimicry is the best flattery, and a good retailer’s methods bring them success for a reason. A low competition niche is hard to find by using this method, however. Instead, dropshippers can invest in niche research or ask for advice from well known retailers. For more check out our post 11 Tips on Conducting a Market Search for Your Dropshipping Product

How to Make Money Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business that requires long-term commitment, patience, and knowledge. It is recommended to start small and build up a clientele. A majority of items can be sold at almost 100% profit. If an item is smaller, easier and cheaper to ship, and typically of less value, and then high profits can be made. The opposite is true for more expensive items, which have to be sold at a much higher price for more profit. Dropshippers must also consider the value of wholesaler’s items and have the ability to sell that over a much cheaper item.

On the bright side, sellers can only make money through dropshipping, provided that they use certain low-cost methods. If the retailer chooses an effective eCommerce platform, domain name, or hosting, then costs for dropshipping are generally low. It is a profitable and money-saving method for the dropshipper, wholesaler, and the buyer.

Dropshippers earn money in two ways. The first way involves the dropshipper setting their own price on their website, and the margin between the wholesaler’s price and the sold item is the dropshipper’s profit. The second way involves earning through commission. The dropshipper sells the items at a dirt-cheap price, usually the same as the wholesaler, and the wholesaler gives the dropshipper a commission. Either method may yield profit, depending on the cost and value of the sold items.

Retailers have the potential to lose money through domain hosting and eCommerce platforms, especially those that charge on a monthly basis. For this reason, the business method can be seen as a time consuming tactic. Dropshipping Mart lowers the risk of low to no profits through one-time payment.

After listing items on a new website, a dropshipper needs to acquire viewers, customers, and sales tactics. Sales come from finding a profitable niche and marketing your dropshipping companies. Both of these tactics require research, loyal involvement in the business, and the ability to use strategy. In the last two steps, we will discuss the importance of a profitable niche and successful marketing.

How to Find a Profitable Niche

Because the point of dropshipping involves broadening the number of items within the seller’s store, selling a broad number of items is recommended for successful dropshipping. The most effective strategy involves finding a market that has a high demand, and a single-target product should not make up the majority of your store. Customers must always need the product that dropshippers are selling, and dropshippers should cover a broad range of targeted clients in order to receive the highest amount of profits.

A dropshipper should look for a low competition market with a high demand. Utilizing Google keywords should become a habit for every dropshipper. Analyse websites within a niche carefully, and try to get information on their sales.

The following methods can be used to find a niche in the world of dropshipping:

  • Affiliation with wholesalers
  • Looking at other retailers
  • Keeping an eye on trends

Affiliation with wholesalers gives you the opportunity to take advice from an experienced market. A wholesaler’s experience is the best advice that you can receive. They are in business for a reason, and their methods will be worth following.

A dropshipper should look at other retailers, especially the successful ones. Studying their methods, prices, descriptions, and marketing tactics will prove beneficial. A dropshipper’s own methods should be adjusted according to another retailer is a common tactic among new entrepreneurs.

The most basic way to find a profitable niche incorporates research. Dropshippers need to know the latest trends, and they need to be able to effectively predict upcoming opportunities. Check out 10 Steps to Finding the Best Product Niches on AliExpress

How to Market Your Dropshipping Store

Marketing is an important factor in any online business. There are many methods to marketing, whether it is online or offline, and all of these methods require knowledge of dropshipping to be effective. An effective dropshipper involves themselves in the following:

    • Social Media
    • Social Ads
    • AdWords

Social media is considered free marketing. Building a network of friends and followers is too easy in modern times, and it can be used to the advantage of dropshippers. Any form of social media can be used for marketing, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Millions of social media users log in on a daily basis, and every upcoming entrepreneur should use it to their advantage. The effectiveness of your social platform depends on your target audience and preferred network.Social media marketing does not have to be done alone. There are multiple tools to build follower, friend, and network count on social media. Here are some examples:

On top of social media, social ads are another option. A lot of the previously named tools heigten marketing strategies by effectively sharing content, scheduling 24/7 posting, and keeping track of marketing tactics. Social ads show the dropshipper’s business to targeted individuals, and these individuals do not always have to be a part of their network. The reach of upcoming entrepreneurs extends with social media, and every online business should take advantage of it.

Google Adwords is a form of advertisement outside of social media. Millions of people search things every day, and taking advantage of Google searches is a top-notch marketing strategy. If the dropshipper has identified a profitable niche, then advertising the keywords of that niche on AdWords is the next step to take.

Effective marketing is at the heart of every business. Tons of strategies fill the internet, and the methods of the dropshipper determine the success of their business. As we previously discussed, the domain name and hosting as well as niche of the dropshipper influence the type of marketing needed for success.

Dropshipping Mart

 The services of Dropshipping Mart are fast, simple, and affordable. The one-time payment of $295 gives first-time entrepreneurs every resource needed to start their business. As professionals, we aim to teach you the most effective strategies in dropshipping, and we will put you at an advantage over other dropshippers. If you are a first time user, you will not regret the chance that you give us. Order from us


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