23 Free Marketing Ways Can Help Your Drop Shipping Business Explode

23 Free Marketing Ways Can Help Your Drop Shipping Business Explode


Over the last couple of years, drop shipping business has taken the world by storm. This is because; the business does not require a lot of capital to start and the fact that people have embraced online shopping quite well. If you have such a business or are considering starting one, it is important to master how to market drop shipping business for free. Your major role is to market the product to consumers and once you have a buyer, you contact the supplier or manufacturer of the product to do the delivery. Below, we explore how to do free marketing for your drop shipping business.

1. Create a website for your business


Although this is the main platform where your business runs, a website can double up as a powerful marketing tool for the drop shipping business. Websites are the gateway to businesses today since many clients go online to find information about what your business. Therefore, if you want to reach more people or record more sales, it is advisable to create a reliable website for your business. If you are not experienced in web design, find a professional web developer to do the job for you. However, ensure that the products are well displayed on the website.



2. Create Content and submit your website URL to search engines


Creating a website is not enough. You also need to generate content and list products that you are selling on the site. This is very important for it will enable visitors to learn what your business has to offer. It is advisable to come up with content that not only describes the products that you are selling but also, explains how a customer can order for the product from your online store. When you are done with this, you should submit the URL of your site to search engines such as Google or Bing in order to speed up the indexing process. That way, people will find you with ease.


3. Give talks in conferences


One of the ways of marketing your drop shipping venture for free is by giving speeches in as many conferences as possible. You should take advantage of any conference platform that comes your way to spread word about your new business. That way, more and more people will learn about your existence and what you have to offer. In the talks, focus on the benefits that drop shipping business has to offer to consumers. With time, you will find new customers wanting products from you.


4. Request your clients to share information on social media


As you start getting customers to your online venture, it is advisable to request them to share information about your business on their social networks. This is very important because the word about your business will reach people that you would otherwise have not had access to. Research has shown that social networking is now one of the most formidable methods of marketing. Therefore, you should use this powerful tool to your advantage.


5. Create and distribute newsletters


Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your drop shipping store. You should create a series of attractive emails before distributing them to both your existing and potential customers. This is very important for it will enable them to learn about new products and offers from your business. The good thing with newsletters is that, by a click of a button, you can send them to as many persons as you can.



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6. Create marketing videos and post them online


This is a constantly ignored marketing tool that can do wonders for your online venture. You should create a series of short videos (about 30 seconds) explaining what your business is all about. After you are done, you can post them on both your website and other video sharing platforms on the web. This will help get the word out about your business and in turn, you are bound to get more clients. Check 37 Tips for Writing Emails that Open Read, and Clicked.


7. Offer free consultation meetings


Another important marketing strategy that is often ignored is free consultation. You should schedule a one time meeting with potential clients in order to answer their questions. You can use such platforms to teach people how to make orders on your site, why drop shipping purchases are convenient and offers that you have. By so doing, you will be able to convince more people to buy goods from your site.


8. Send event press releases to clients


If you have an important upcoming event such as a launch, product inclusion or an expo, you should create a quality press release about it before sending it to different PR submission sites on the web. This ensures that they have been distributed to most news outlets in your target area and as a result, people will get the word about your upcoming events. The good thing is that, press releases can reach as many people as possible without costing you a dime. Furthermore, people will drag their friends to interesting events such as expos and this will give you more exposure.


9. Tag the right people in your social media marketing


As you try to reach out to potential clients, it is advisable to make social media posts about the happenings in your business. Whether it is a product launch, new ordering process or just any other news related to your business, you should remember to tag the right people through their social media profiles. This will get your post appearing on their profiles thereby marketing your drop shipping business further. If you do it right, you will notice more customers coming to your site.


10. Appear on testimonial pages


Another effective marketing method is to ensure that your business appears on testimonial pages of the services that you use. You should collect a set of customer comments and post them on these services. Such testimonials will give you a lot of business mileage for they will instill confidence in other people who looking to do buy products from your site. You should use testimonials that resonate with your potential clients.


11. Write a guest post on other blogs


Although many people think that owning a blog that talks about their businesses is enough, it does help to write gust posts and publish them on other more popular blogs. This is very important for it ensures that your content is accessible to a wider readership. You should also consider providing a link to your online store to help readers redirect to your site with ease. This brings a lot of convenience to readers while at the same time giving you more customers. Great list here 1193 Niche Blogs that Accepts Niche Guest Post 


12. Create challenges that require social sharing


This is an effective method of marketing your drop shipping venture because it promotes the social sharing of information about your business. You can set the competition in such a way that the person who shares your content the most wins the prize. As a result, you will find news about your business reaching greater heights thereby generating more sales.


13. Market your business on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the largest business network in the world. You can use this effective tool to generate new contacts. Alternatively, you can join industry conversations in the platform and in time, you will get many followers. Remember, what you are trying to do is to achieve brand recognition. The more people see or hear from you, the more your business becomes popular. Check Out The Ultimate LinkedIn Training Course.


14. The use of branded signature


You can also utilize custom email and signature to market your drop shipping business. In addition to having an email that resonates with your business, it is important to use branded signatures at the bottom of your message. This places you as a serious person and as such, you are more likely to command more respect in the market. Similarly, your current customers will take you very seriously.


15. Use trendy hashtags


When you are planning on your daily social media posts, it is advisable to include the most popular and trendy hashtags so as to increase reach. You can look at daily trending tags on the web to get ideas on which hashtags to integrate in your posts.


16. Utilize the power of your region


Another ignored marketing plan is the utilization of the power of regional marketing. If your drop shipping business is new, you should consider marketing it first n your area before targeting other regions. This is a simple principle that runs on the fact that you are more likely to be accepted in a place where you come from than elsewhere. Therefore, you should join social media networks with more local people.


17. Maintain your clients


One of the mistakes that many business persons make is to neglect their old clients. If you want to make your drop shipping venture a success, you should learn how to appreciate and take care of your old clients. For example, you can give them an occasional phone call to know how they are doing. Alternatively, you can send those emails with information on the latest updates in your business. That way, they will feel as a part of you and thus, are highly likely to come back for more purchases.


18. Make sure that suppliers are on your side


The success of drop shipping venture is highly dependent on the cooperation of your shipping partners. The suppliers of the products that you are selling are the ones that do the actual delivery and when they are on your side, you become very successful. These people can also do some marketing for you as they are in constant contact with your customers.


19. List your drop shipping company with online directories


Another excellent method to enhance your link building is to list your drop shipping business with online directories. This is to ensure that customers looking for the services that you provide can be able to find you with ease. Link building is a sure way to climb up on search engine listings thereby making it easy for potential clients to find you. For more info The Ultimate List of 50 Online Business Directories .


20. Volunteer your branded merchandise to be used in events


If you want to popularize your brand, you need to consider volunteering your merchandise in events, seminars, workshops and festivals. You should give branded items such as t-shirts, calendars, caps, pens, and others. Although this does not give you instant monetary benefits, it results in brand recognition.


21. Support community initiatives


Many notable companies around the world get involved in social corporate events in order to give back to the local community. Similarly, this should not be different for your business. You should support community based initiatives so that you can gain respect from the community. When you do that, your business will reap the secondary benefits in terms of improved sales and popularity.


22. Offer discount codes


Another popular method of marketing your drop shipping business is by offering a discount code to some of your clients. Such codes will not only reward the clients but also, will encourage them to come back for more. You should look for codes that offer value for your customers but at the same time, lie within the profit margin of your business. This will lead to more marketing without breaking your business’ bank.


23. Identify niche social media platforms


Although most people are on bigger social media platforms such as Pinterest,  Facebook, twitter, tagged and others, it is advisable to find smaller social media platforms that are niche targeted. Such platforms can be very helpful in finding your target audience as they have more details on people’s portfolios.

The good thing with smaller social media network is that it is easy to build your portfolio on them. In addition, you can target the audience who are most likely to get interested in your products. Check out Top  25  Social Media Marketing Tips from The Experts.



Drop shipping business has come a long way. For convenience and costs cutting, more and more people today are doing their purchases online. If you have a drop shipping venture and you are looking to make it more popular in a cost effective manner, you should consider following our top tips on how to market your drop shipping venture for free. With these tips, you will get more sales at minimal costs.